Beta Testing

GBX is offering customers that signup for the beta program a special offer of free 10Mbps of IP transit bandwidth until the end of March 2015

If you currently not on Megaport please contact about how you can establish a connection


Global Bandwidth Exchange offers two products for buyers of Bandwidth to choose with flexibility exactly what best suits their business or product needs:

Burst Bandwidth Speed (Mbps)

If your project is all about getting data transferred quickly, securely and without the need for additional or long term Carrier contracts, then buy by the GBX Burst Bandwidth Speed (BBS).

This allows you to simply choose the bandwidth that you wish to add to your business needs according to “burst” projects like:

  • Large Infrastructure Back-Ups & Maintenance Windows
  • Major Production Transfers (including Media)
  • Marketing Events that need more

Global Bandwidth Exchange will cater for all your bandwidth needs with flexibility down to Mbps increments.

Transfer Exchange Window (GB)

Like the traditional Post Office, not all deliveries (data) are created equal.

Now businesses have the choice and flexibility to send & receive data according to its importance and file size/s – saving time and money by using the Global Bandwidth Exchange Transfer Exchange Window (TEW).


  • Choose the size of the incoming / outgoing data (GB | TB)
  • Select a time period in which you wish (Hours | Days)
  • Nominate what you are willing to pay for the transaction

... then let Global Bandwidth Exchange do the rest and match the request to manage the bandwidth exchange.

Target Market

  • Financial Services: Banking
  • Media Groups: Production Houses (Film & Television)
  • ISP’s (including Residential)
  • CDN’s
  • Any company wishing to purchase bandwidth on a flexible contract basis.
  • A group connected to a unilateral peering platform such as LINX, WAIX, PIPEIX, Equinix Exchange and seeking to connect to another peering platform in an alternate location.
  • A business that has Data Centre infrastructure in a Co-Lo environment (eg: Equinix) with the ability to cross-connect with GBX (a service GBX will facilitate).
  • A global organisation looking to manage its “territory-by-territory” bandwidth on a global basis.

3 Simple Steps to Connect your Business to GBX:

  1. Be in an Global Bandwidth Exchange Data Centre, or order a local loop to an GBX Data Center.
  2. Order Cross Connect
  3. Configure your Network (Router)

Note: Global Bandwidth Exchange’s 24/7 (365) Support is on hand to help with all of these simple steps.

Who Are Our Partners?

Through the power of its relationship with ASE IT ( - Global Bandwidth Exchange has built globally trusted hardware and software relationships with the world’s biggest technology providers including:

  • Monetize excess bandwidth for your business.
  • Buy cost effective connectivity formajor IT events & marketing projects.
  • Manage Corporation Bandwidth Globally between Intercity, Interstate & International office locations.
  • Trusted and Highly Secure “Dark Pool” Connectivity Environment
  • Only Pay for the Bandwidth you use.
  • Buy by the Mbps or by the GB.
  • Turn your IT cost centre into an IT Revenue line.
  • Ideal for Businesses of all sizes from SME’s to Multi Nationals
  • Easy to get started and join GBX

What is Global Bandwidth Exchange?

Every minute of every day, businesses around the world are using Internet Bandwidth to power their organizations to greater efficiencies and improved profitability.

The Internet (comprising private & public interconnected networks) allows the transfer of high-speed data to push voice, text, imagery and video around the globe via the worlds numerous carriers and data centers.

But, while many corporations thirst for faster, more secure and cost efficient bandwidth networks, where they ALL differ is in the times in which they require their connectivity and how much they need.

With strategically placed International data center infrastructure across four (4) continents, Global Bandwidth Exchange now provides the technology to “link” bandwidth across regions, territories and countries and move this Internet capacity from those companies locations who are not using their committed connectivity – to those who need more bandwidth... all for a fraction of the price and no long term contracts.

Operating globally 24/7 (365 days a year) Global Bandwidth Exchange provides the perfect platform for users of Bandwidth to offload their spare (unused) connectivity to users of Bandwidth seeking “burst” capacity.

The Global Bandwidth Exchange philosophy is to focus on identifying the physical path that Internet traffic will take, rather than which carrier the traffic will pass through.

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How Bandwidth Management Works

The ability to connect customers through Global Bandwidth Exchange’s global node network

Where Are We Connected?

Global Bandwidth Exchange is currently located in 10 Data Center locations across 4 Continents. We will expand this footprint to another 6 Data Centers (totalling 16 DC’s in all) over the coming months, as Global Bandwidth Exchange continues to expand its Global interconnected coverage.

Our Technology is built on Carrier Grade equipment including Cisco and NetApp, utilizing our infrastructure partnership with ASE IT and Data Center relationships with Equinix, Global Switch and Next DC.

Global Bandwidth Exchange also maintains a well established interconnected network of Submarine Cabling access through its International Carrier relationships, allowing the most cost effective method of bandwidth exchange between global environments.

Currently, there is more than 16Tbps of lit capacity, with more than 50% available to Global Bandwidth Exchange at any point in time.

What Global Bandwidth Exchange Provides?

  • Physical Hardware in Strategic Global Data Centres
  • Switches
  • Cross Connect Communication Points
  • Unrestricted Power & Cooling
  • Secure Location
  • Bandwidth Relationships
  • Global Partnership with Key Data Centres (inc. Equinix & GlobalSwitch)
  • Existing Commercial Relationships with Carriers
  • Premium Tier Status with International Hardware / Software Vendors
  • Online Management Tools
  • Self-Service Customer Interface (24/7)
  • Billing and Account Management
  • Support Services
  • 24/7 (365) Technical, Sales & Account Support
  • Technical, Commercial & Innovation Management

Global Bandwidth Exchange History

Incorporated in 2013, Global Bandwidth Exchange utilises the power of an International network of Data Centres, to manage its cross-connected environment and provide the selling of remnant connectivity to buyers wanting “burst” or short term Internet capacity.

Buyers and Sellers of Internet Bandwidth can be located in different regions / countries and can trade in as little as 1Mbps increments.

Global Bandwidth Exchange was born out of capitalising on an opportunity to utilise the excess Internet capacity that existed in the ASE cloud structure (Top 10 Australia’s Most Trusted Cloud Providers – Longhaus, 2012)

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